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  1. Inspiration for “In Flanders Fields”
  2. Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae
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Suggest an Edit. Contributed by Luke J Spencer. Edited by Allison. Near This Place.

Inspiration for “In Flanders Fields”

Ypres, Belgium. This memorial museum chronicles the apocalyptic destruction of the First World War. Added by Monsieur Mictlan. Related Places. Ashford, England. A rare example of this century-old British tank stands near the center of town in Ashford.

Amersfoort, Netherlands. This gigantic monument hidden in the woods was built to thank the Dutch for sheltering Belgian refugees during World War I.

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Added by maup. Mbala, Zambia. A memorial in the middle of a roundabout marks the spot where German forces formally surrendered, finally ending World War I in Africa. Added by PatTheGreat. Kasama, Zambia. A stone memorial marks the spot where the fighting of World War I finally ceased—three days after the armistice was signed in Europe. While in the Sky The larks still bravely singing, fly Unheard, amid the guns below.


Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae

Take up our quarrel with the foe! To you from falling hands we throw The torch, Be yours to bear it high! Sleep on ye brave! The shrieking shell, The quaking trench, the startling yell, The fury of the battle hell Shall wake you not; for all is well. Read the introduction, examine the images from the diary, and study the poems.

Then apply your knowledge of American and world history to answer the following questions:.

Poem 'In Flanders Fields' | Flanders Fields

Headquarters: 49 W. Skip to main content. History Now.

Time Period. Content Type. Fulltext search. View this item in the collection. From to , World War I took a greater human toll than any previous conflict, with some 8. The Great War, as it was then known, also ravaged the landscape of Western Europe, where most of the fiercest fighting took place. From the devastated landscape of the battlefields, the red poppy would grow and, thanks to a famous poem, become a powerful symbol of remembrance. Across northern France and Flanders northern Belgium , the brutal clashes between Allied and Central Powers soldiers tore up fields and forests, tearing up trees and plants and wreaking havoc on the soil beneath.

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But in the warm early spring of , bright red flowers began peeking through the battle-scarred land: Papaver rhoeas , known variously as the Flanders poppy, corn poppy, red poppy and corn rose. Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae , a Canadian who served as a brigade surgeon for an Allied artillery unit, spotted a cluster of poppies that spring, shortly after the Second Battle of Ypres.

McCrae tended to the wounded and got a firsthand look at the carnage of that clash, in which the Germans unleashed lethal chlorine gas for the first time in the war. Published in Punch magazine in late , the poem would be used at countless memorial ceremonies, and became one of the most famous works of art to emerge from the Great War.