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  1. How to become a Park Ranger | The Good Universities Guide
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Just back from the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market the business of adventure is very much front of mind. With a major push underway within the industry to expand the diversity of outdoor recreation and environmental conservation I am especially thinking about how a person might begin a career. T his is a long shot for me but I have to put this out there. I am a 58 yo Black woman. I work as a program manager for a child and adolescent mental health agency.

I have been working with kids on some level for over 30 years. I love being outdoors and have always want to work outdoors. I am intrigued by botany and wildlife. I read your book and was so jealous that you were brave enough to follow your passion. Growing up, my self esteem was so low that I needed the guidance and approval of others to make decisions. I look upon the young people of color who are fearless and are making their mark in outdoor rec with envy.

Where were these options when I was growing up? Alot of active duty though and some disabled they get 15 to 30 points preference as they should. After having recently been laid off for my job I am searching for something new again.

How to become a Park Ranger | The Good Universities Guide

Today I see one that fits my skills well usaconservation. This is the first time I have seen stated age restrictions on any position. I finished my M. This position is not a physical job and does not qualify for a pension so I see no reason for the discrimination. Another position I saw stated the same broad age limit but then added "Preferred age 21" - that sure is specific.

I thought age discrimination is illegal but apparently not when it the government doing the discriminating. As for the 20 years pension rule if there is a forced retirement age which also seems illegal couldn't they just prorate the pension for the number of years worked? TooOldIGuess said: After having recently been laid off from my job I am searching for something new again. I am a law enforcement park ranger for Travis County, TX. We have no age requirements or restrictions so long as you are able to meet the physical requirements.

We are commissioned Travis County Sheriff's deputies, must abide by all training and patrol procedures for the Sheriff, but are paid by parks. So basically, so long as you are good on meeting the requirements of a regular LE patrol job, and are ok with having to do maybe a third of your job responding to regular calls for service, we might be a good option. To be clear though, we are on the system and are expected to respond to higher priority calls throughout the county in addition to our ranger duties.

If a hybrid like that sounds appealing, we have no age limit. Also, we have to keep up with EMT licensing as well. Some of us like that aspect, some don't, but it is additional continuing education requirements, additional gear, and additional liability. Upload your resume Sign in. Advanced Job Search. Forums are open to the public.

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When You're Ready...

If you have a complaint about any content on Indeed, please contact Customer Support. Indeed reserves the right to remove any posts which Indeed feels are not relevant to jobs and company search. Too old to be a Park Ranger at 37??? Any other ways into a similar job if you are over age 37?? I'm 34, and just got a job as a CO state park ranger.

How to Become a Park Ranger - 10 Steps From a Denali Park Ranger Herself!

Don't let it discourage you!!! Do you have to take a written test like correction officer one. Iam 38 is there a written test to take for this seasonal park ranger. Iam 38 is ther a written test for this seasonal Park ranger. I agree with cwpiper join the military and serve 4 years first. For jobs in Finland, visit fi. Job title, keywords, or company. City, state, or zip code. Is this true? Eulalee in Brampton, Ontario months ago.

Resa in Longmont, Colorado months ago. Mark Leo months ago. In lieu of a college education, candidates must have at least three years of experience in parks and conservation and must demonstrate an overall understanding of park work. Higher level management positions may require graduate degrees. Part-time or seasonal work at national or state parks is an important stepping stone to an entry-level park ranger position.

Perform these well and you may make it into an entry-level position in the big league. A vast majority of high-level park rangers start out as entry-level drones. Thus the trail to promotion and high executive office starts with successful and thorough completion of every step.

A keen grasp of the overall mechanics of the business can make you a sharper, more competent administrator. Promotions come largely from within the ranks; salary is commensurate with responsibility. But a virtual lack of new job openings coupled with state and federal budget cuts mean that job seekers will have to look for work outside of the federally funded National Park Service in other federal land and resource management agencies as well as state and local agencies.

Today that love must redefine itself within the expanding scope of technology and a shrinking economy.

How to Become a Park Ranger

With politicians and the public alike calling for less, more efficient government, federal job programs will continue to undergo significant downsizing. Consequently, job openings will continue to be scarce and competition fierce. Specialization and diversification will become the new buzz words as potential candidates will have to demonstrate a wide variety and number of skills.

For those entering this career via part-time or seasonal work, these are the critical years for developing strong contacts and establishing mentorships. If you are still in college and have not decided on an area of specialization, this is an ideal time to get a firsthand overview of the business and focus on a specialty. But one should also bear in mind that the more diverse the skills, the better the chances of getting in the door. At the five-year level, the park ranger should have acquired enough hands-on experience to be qualified for a position in administration.

Determine What Type of Park Ranger You'd Like to Be