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Thanks in advance! Physics from Symmetry by Schwichtenberg 2.


Group Theory in a Nutshell for Physicists by Zee 4. Quantum Theory, Groups and Representations: An Introduction by Woit not as an introduction : but a great book nonetheless.

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Not sure if the physics side. But it is a rigorous math book. So I'm not sure how applicable it may be for physicist. For a mathematics major it a perfect fit.

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Author is very good at explaining ideas, and ties everything nicely. What book was you're linear algebra class based on? And by proofs in linear algebra. Did you prove stuff like the fundamental theorem of linear maps, "plus or minus theorem", properties relating to linear transformations etc??

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Hi The book is a standard reference in abstract algebra, and Michael Artin was a professor at MIT, so it's not a bad quality book. Given how the author presents group theory interwoven with linear algebra, it will be good for physics students looking for a solid mathematical preparation for quantum mechanics. My sense is that, once you learn this material, you can hit the ground running on just about any further topic in group theory required for quantum physics. The only possible exception is when group theory meets differential geometry or topology, because these subjects require learning in some depth before being able to combine with groups.

But I suspect this only comes up very late in a physics degree, at a MSc.

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Thanks for your response! MidgetDwarf said:. WWCY said:. Regarding your first question, it was based on "Elementary Linear Algebra" by Anton Rorres, though the actual material covered was far more watered down, which leads on the your second question. Unfortunately I have not learnt any of what you mentioned, we did stuff up to invertible matrices and simple transformations and that's it before transitioning to multi-variable calculus.

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I take it that the concepts you brought up are necessary for the understanding of Artin's book? If so I'd better start looking at some of the other suggestions! Homework Helper. I am indeed a mathematician, but agree with raven that artin is a good choice for physicists precisely because he does groups in connection with linear algebra, i.

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In fact artin is almost the only intro to algebra book i know of that treats linear groups. So you have to read it more slowly. TeethWhitener Science Advisor. Gold Member. Depending on what physics you're looking for, "Group Theory and Quantum Mechanics" by Michael Tinkham might merit a look. Crystal symmetries and things of that nature. Want to reply to this thread? Posted Mar 8, Replies 7 Views 1K. Hello everyone! Groups; definition and examples. Relation between groups, homomorphism, monomorphism, epimorphism, isomorphism, endomorphism, examples and related theorem.